Director, Operations – Divvy bike share

Are you passionate about making Chicago a better place to visit, live in and move around in? Motivate LLC seeks an energized and experienced Operations Professional to lead Divvy bike share’s field operations. This person will report directly to the General Manager. They will be responsible for developing operational standards while managing total system and service area growth. Additionally, they will manage strategic and operational projects, focused on continuous improvement and growth.

About Motivate

Motivate is a best-in-class service operations and logistics company, delivering bike share services to some of the largest urban environments in the US. We operate in 8 markets across the U.S. including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. and will serve over 1.5 million customers this year alone. Led by a group of urban visionaries and seasoned operations experts, our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of our cities. In an effort to completely transform the urban experience, Motivate is leading the way in making cities more accessible, healthier and sustainable. We operate and maintain safe and dependable systems that help make cities great by connecting individuals to the people and places they love.

About the Role

This role will oversee a team of ~150+ people, including both management and hourly staff.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: managing operations, special and capital projects, managing the P&L, logistics, supply-chain and product-related initiatives, executing major operational efforts occurring across the system, management of key initiatives (such as launching our new ebike program), standardization, continuous improvement, reporting to and coordination with our client Lyft and otherwise ensuring all safety and operational standards are met or exceeded based on departmental key performance indicators (KPIs).

Job Responsibilities

· Work under the management of the General Manager to ensure Divvy meets its business goals.

· Oversee various improvement initiatives related to training, process, equipment, and staffing.

· Work with managers and their respective teams of 150+ union, hourly staff, to maintain smooth operations, quality control, achieve KPIs and complete capital projects.

· Initiate and complete data analyses ranging from physical product, field operations, workflow efficiency, vehicle and facility usage, and other relevant topics.

· Maintain external relations, growing a positive and productive relationship with our client, Lyft.

· Maintain a close working relationship with other department heads to assist with the implementation of strategic initiatives, as well as future planning and budgeting.

· Assist with internal and external reporting as needed.

· Occasionally travel to other bike share systems and related locations to gather best practices, share our own lessons learned, and to seek out new innovations and technologies.

· Follow safe work practices and maintain a safe working environment.

· Review and implementation of processes to further increase efficiency in obtaining goals and team management strategies.

· Other duties as assigned

Job Competencies

· Achieving Results Through Relationships: Works cooperatively with others, both on their own team and cross-functionally, to build and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships founded on respect and professionalism to leverage information and achieve results. Uses influence to gain the support and cooperation from stakeholders, superiors, colleagues, subordinates and other parties to achieve the desired course of action consistent with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

· Coaching Employee Growth: Guides others to make the most of their innate abilities as well as build and improve on professional skills and competencies needed for either their current role or their target role through training, coaching, and learning-based experiences/stretch assignments. Develops and implements strategies that optimize individual performance within the organization to elevate top performers as well as address areas of underperformance.

· Analysis Based Planning: Able to foresee potential issues and anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach to be prepared for possible contingencies. Makes a systematic comparison of two or more alternatives and acts with a sense of urgency when choosing the optimal solution, not the easy one.

· Drive for Excellence: Maximizes effectiveness and sustainability with action, people and financial management. Ensuring people have the support and tools they need and that the workforce as a whole has the capacity and diversity to meet current and long-term organizational objectives. Implementing rigorous and comprehensive human and financial resources accountability systems for one’s team and self. Ensuring integrity and management of information at all levels.

· Establishing Focus: Aligns personnel and other resources in a manner consistent with organizational vision and objectives through the creation of personal job goals and organizational goals based on the organizational vision for yourself and your team. Takes responsibility for developing, communicating, and gaining commitment to broad organizational goals by helping others understand how their work relates to the organizational vision and ensures that job goals are fully aligned with organizational goals. Able to identify individual goals that are not aligned with the organizational vision and takes steps to shift the focus back onto that which supports to desired results.

About You

· You have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Project Management, Planning, Business, Operations or related field.

· You are a wiz in Excel, Word, Microsoft Project, Google Applications, and can master new software quickly.

· You have a minimum of 7 years total experience, including at least 3 years of hands-on experience in an operational role.

· You have developed and managed a large operations team (100+), and know how to grow leaders.

· You are advanced in project management with a strong record of successful execution and achievements.

· You thrive in a fast paced, high stress, high demand environments.

· You have an understanding of basic concepts in engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment, multi-part assembly, quality control, supply chain, finance, and accounting.

· You are very detail oriented and have a knack for large public facing projects.

· You can quickly get up to speed on Motivate Chicago’s software, products, and financials.

· You have the ability to build trust with people across an organization.

· You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

· You have a strong knowledge of Chicago area geography and street layout.

· You have the ability to be flexible with work time. Frequently, work hours will exceed 8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week, including weekends and off hours. At times, this position will be on-call, 24/7.

Bonus Points

· Advanced degree or MBA preferred.

· Previous experience working outdoors in all weather conditions.

· Previous experience working with clients in the public sector.

· Previous experience working with and reporting to executives.

· Operations and/or strategy consulting background.

· Experience with or understanding of heavy machinery, construction equipment, and large vehicles, as well as the occupational safety requirements that go along with the equipment.

· Previous experience in a dynamic, high stress, fast paced work environment.

· Previous warehousing, supply chain, and inventory control experience.