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Do you always look forward to workshops and networking opportunities? Do you know the mobility industry inside and out? Then you might be the person we are looking for. Our Community & Partnerships Manager for Europe will be knowledgeable about the mobility industry, and will be curious about mobility worldwide (or even have a working knowledge of it already).
In collaboration with our team based in Montréal, you will find commonalities in the needs of data producers and data consumers all around Europe. You will be the face and voice of MobilityData in Europe and represent our organization at conferences, webinars, and workshops, either virtually or physically (when possible). You’ll work remotely most of the time but will travel to our HQ in Montréal to join our team in person.

What You Will Do
➔ Develop and implement a business development and sales strategy to drive increased memberships and revenues from European stakeholders.
➔ Create and maintain relationships with decision-makers and influencers in Europe, particularly at the level of the member states of the European Union.
➔ Participate in conferences and working groups, to represent MobilityData’s vision and work.
➔ Build and maintain MobilityData’s membership program, in coordination with the rest of the Community and Partnerships team, to grow our membership base and ensure member happiness.
➔ Identify and design opportunities to strategically partner with governments, foundations, and non-profits with shared interests.
➔ Monitor requests for proposals, determine which ones are the highest value for MobilityData, and develop proposals for strategic opportunities.
➔ Collaborate with the Board of Directors to leverage fundraising opportunities.
➔ Develop sales and marketing materials.

Who You Are
➔ Passionate about the challenges of transforming the city through mobility.
➔ Comfortable with the European public transport ecosystem and its regulatory issues.
➔ Very comfortable speaking in public.
➔ A relationship person. You like meeting new people, you are good at establishing contacts, and you get satisfaction out of helping others.
➔ Capable of adapting to all types of audiences: decision-makers, public authorities, technicians, etc.
➔ Personable. You can cooperate with our team as well as data stakeholders outside our team. You like interpersonal interactions, and you easily understand others’ needs.
➔ A pro of to-do lists. Long-term/short-term planning is your thing. You are not scared of last-minute changes, and you handle them smoothly.
➔ Bilingual. You need to have communication skills (spoken and written) in English and in at least another major European language in order to work with our members worldwide.

It Would Be Great If
➔ You have studied in the urban/transportation field.
➔ You have work experience in the mobility sector in Europe.
➔ You have at least 2 years of project management experience.
➔ You already have familiarities with transit data standards and/or GitHub.
➔ You like working in a Mac environment.
➔ You speak English and at least one of French, Spanish, and German.

Keep in mind that these are not requirements. If you mostly recognize yourself in the section Who You
Are, we strongly encourage you to apply.

What You Can Expect
➔ You will work with an open-minded and inclusive team that values diversity.
➔ You will be paid based on your experience and motivation.
➔ You will enjoy 4 weeks of vacation per year.
➔ You will benefit from health insurance.
➔ Your public transit and shared mobility passes will be reimbursed.

What We Do
Travelers want directions they can trust. Reliable directions need high-quality data. MobilityData develops tools that ensure data quality and consistency to help travelers find, understand, and use transportation services everywhere they go. MobilityData works to increase the completeness, accuracy, and quality of data formats and advocates for the adoption of standardized formats so that both data producers and data consumers can provide exhaustive and seamless mobility information, anytime, anywhere.

About MobilityData
MobilityData began in 2015 as a project of the Rocky Mountain Institute and became an independent Canadian non-profit in 2019. MobilityData brings together and supports mobility stakeholders such as transport agencies, software vendors, mobility apps, and cities to standardize and expand data formats for public transport, such as GTFS, and shared mobility, such as GBFS.