• Shared E-kicks in Germany for good.

    By Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai, Partner for Mobility Sector, Ennea Governments and private sector have to work together to meet the future mobility challenges of our cities. Clear rules of engagement can enable collaboration, while protecting the consumer interests and safety. What makes it different this time? Disruptive mobility companies like uber have often been criticised for […]

  • Free-floating Electric Scooters Are Everywhere, But Are They Sustainable?

    By Annie Butkiewicz, Content and Communications Officer, Autonomy In terms of urban mobility, the electric shared (kick) scooter is an extraordinary tool. With just a frame and an electric motor, it’s so simple to produce that it has the potential to revolutionize the way we move in cities. But since they took off last year, […]

  • La législation sur les trottinettes électriques en France

    By the Weebot Team La trottinette électrique est un équipement de mobilité urbaine de plus en plus populaire en France. De nombreux utilisateurs adoptent ce moyen de transport pour se déplacer en raison de son aspect pratique, peu coûteux et écologique. De ce fait, les marques commercialisant des trottinettes électriques innovent de manière constante afin […]

  • The FINAL Word on Free-floating Electric Scooters (For Now)

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy Late Autumn saw Paris flooded with free-floating scooters. Should they stay or go? Before I answer that let me clear up the confusion around the word ‘scooter’. To Europeans a scooter is a small urban motorbike, like a Vespa. Americans call that a moped or Vespa and reserve […]