• COVID-19 and Mobility: New Solutions and Cooperation Models Between Operators and Local Authorities

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technologies Mobility has been impacted the world over due to the COVID 19 crisis. From public transport, to micromobility, to individual auto commuting, all modes have seen a dramatic decrease in usage across the urban ecosystem. What is yet to be seen is how cities and their inhabitants will […]

  • Zero Pollution Vision: Europe’s Main Goal

    By Clara Anderson, Digital Communication Strategist, Meep Transition to electric buses. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Greater passenger comfort. Or even reducing noise in urban areas.  These are only some of Europe’s goals when establishing objectives concerning the major shift that urban mobility is currently experiencing.  In 2014, China set the lead for a transformation […]

  • Shared Mobility in 2020: Five Trends and Predictions in the Ecosystem

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services As 2019 drew to a close, the dust began to settle on the “gold rush” that was shared mobility over the past few years. Reality began to set in, and the collective hangover we’ve all been experiencing made us start to question where we are, and where […]

  • How Local and Regional Transit Authorities are Embracing MaaS: A Global Review

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services Introduction Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has become a word synonymous with the sharing economy. In a world of massive disruption, based upon environmental, economic, social, and cultural shifts, the trend towards sharing (whether it be housing, transportation, or other commodities) is increasing at a rapid […]

  • MaaS options in an urban city

    Hub and Spoke Model for Shared Mobility: What US Micromobility Providers, TNCs, and Cities Can Learn From Europe

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services The “Hub and Spoke model” is a spatial concept typically applied to urban geography and regional transportation networks. While this is standard orthodoxy, a new application is being tested out which has the potential to deliver positive benefits to shared mobility consumers and urban transport passengers. […]

  • Complexity and Contradiction: MaaS and the Gender-Sensitive Lens

    By Dr Nicole Kalms, Director XYX Lab & Associate Professor, Monash University and Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy Fact: Urban mobility is not gender-neutral.  Women’s anxiety and trepidation about safely moving through cities and accessing public transport reveals how spaces, systems and networks of urban mobility carry implicit and explicit hierarchies of power. This […]

  • Bogota’s Mobility Maze: a City Developing at a Fast Pace

    By Michal Szymkat, Crowdfunding Advisor, Bogbi My first impressions of Bogotá were overwhelming. It’s a sprawling city with over 8 million inhabitants. The weather can be surprisingly brisk, and the primary means of public transport – the Transmilenio –  is not exactly first choice for rush hour travel. It’s crowded, loud and uncomfortable. Throw in […]

  • The Future of Sustainable Mobility: a Three Pillar Approach

    By Marc Amblard, Managing Director, Orsay Consulting. All indicators are trending towards continued growth in the global demand for mobility. The UN anticipates that the world population will increase from 7.8B to 9.7B in 2050. Urbanization is expected to reach 68% by 2050 vs. 55% today. The number of people who can afford a personal vehicle is constantly increasing. […]

  • Mobility as a “Public” Service in Cities

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy   This speech was delivered by Ross Douglas at the Prague City Data Congress on 30 May 2019. Most cities are faced with the same three challenges: how to reduce pollution, congestion and CO2 emissions? In the last decade hundreds of billions of dollars has been invested in […]

  • Ask the Experts: Grégoire Bonnat, Co-Founder & CEO, Padam

    Ask the Experts is Autonomy’s video series which seeks to understand the newest trends in urban mobility by going straight to the source: the innovators who are making them happen! In this edition, we check in with Gerod Carfantan,  Grégoire Bonnat, Co-Founder & CEO, Padam who discusses the exciting future of using artificial intelligence in order to […]

  • Rail: A Key Component of the Mobility Mix

    By Marc Amblard,  Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting In 1863, when people were getting around primarily with horse-pulled carriages, London introduced the first ever underground transportation system. This first metro, nicknamed the Tube, and its wooden cars were powered by coal-fired locomotives, replicating a solution already used above ground. Since then, rail transportation has become a significant […]

  • Ask the Experts: Eric Cazeaux, CEO of Siemens Mobility France

    Ask the Experts is Autonomy’s video series which seeks to understand the newest trends in urban mobility by going straight to the source: the innovators who are making them happen! In this edition, we check in with Eric Cazeaux , the CEO of Siemens Mobility France,  who tackles the age-old question of how to get people out of their cars […]