• Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “La dynamique du MaaS en France”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of “La dynamique du MaaS en France” (in French) While Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has established itself as a growing reality in many cities across Europe, what is its current status in France? Due to a […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “Mobility as a Public Service: Sustainable, Agile, & Resilient Platform Experiences for Cities”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of Mobility as a Public Service: Sustainable, Agile, & Resilient Platform Experiences for Cities Today, in any given large city across Europe, most users have the opportunity to select from a range of modalities that promote a […]

  • Autonomy Digital: A Tradeshow For Our Times

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy The lockdown in March caught us in full-stride selling the 5th edition of Autonomy Paris. Our options were to postpone or go digital, our response was to spend two weeks reading up about pandemics and speaking to key clients. (“The Hammer and the Dance” by Tomas Pueyo […]

  • The Business of Mobility: How I Transformed a Summer Job into a Successful Smart City Company

    By Kurtis McBride, Co-founder & CEO of Miovision The Business of Mobility is an Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some of the fastest-growing, new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other C-level executives elaborate on what it takes to turn a […]

  • MaaS is Blossoming to Give People the Freedom of Mobility: Transitioning to a New Paradigm

    By Clara Anderson, Digital Communication Specialist, Meep The incessant expansion of digitalisation, the emergence of the shared economy and the spread of innumerable platforms. These are the three main events that have triggered the development of Mobility as a Service in the past years, inducing the development of new business urban mobility models. These changes […]

  • MaaS and Freedom (Part Two)

    By Alessandro Sosi, COO, OpenMove This is the second article in a two-part series. You can read Part One here Can MaaS, by winking at sustainability, give us freedom of movement?   In the first part of this article we started to think about this question, starting from the difference between “transport” and “mobility“, passing through the concept of digitization of […]

  • Man waving ridehail over

    MaaS and Freedom (Part One)

    By Alessandro Sosi, COO, OpenMove The second article in this two-part series can be found here. Freedom of movement We all want to feel free to move. Never as in this precise historical moment, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, can we experience and appreciate the value of this freedom. A freedom that is very often taken […]

  • What Ross is Reading: April 2020

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company In this new monthly column, I share what I’m reading and how it influences our decisions at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company.   Frenemies:The Epic Disruption of the Ad Industry (and Everything Else) (Ken Auletta, 2018) carried an urgent message when I read it two […]

  • Applying Bacon’s Law (aka Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon) to #WFH Business Development in 2020

    by Neil Portus, Managing Partner, Tailored Partners Covid-19 and the shelter-in-place orders that followed have forced many of us to work from home, popularizing the #WFH hashtag. Virtually every role at every company has been affected as a result. One role in particular that has seen tremendous impact is that of business development. The familiar […]

  • A Roundtable Discussion of the French Mobility Orientation Law

    In addition to our release of a new white paper on the recently adopted French Mobility Orientation Law (or ‘LOM’ in french), the Urban Mobility Daily sat down with some of the top actors in the french mobility space to discuss how the law will affect business and the future of mobility in France. Joining […]

  • Mobility Trends at CES 2020

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting CES 2020 hosted 170,000 attendees who came to visit 4,000 exhibits, 1200 of which were presented by startups. This article highlights the key trends and messages on mobility and related technologies I observed during 3 days on site — here you can find my analyses on the previous three […]

  • Will Content Kill the Driver Experience?

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy Traditional Automakers are under attack. Consumers are buying less new cars, millennials are switching away from objects to experiences and China is gathering speed in making decent EVs. But there is another threat to the auto industry that in my opinion is too often overlooked. The Americans are […]