• Why Amazon Is Investing Massively in Mobility Tech

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director of Orsay Consulting Last year, Amazon spent $27B on shipping, i.e., sortation, delivery centers and transportation costs for an estimated 6 billion parcels delivered for $233B in sales. The e-commerce giant has been innovating in their fulfillment centers, maximizing automation in order to drive efficiency and throughput, as well […]

  • Tu fais quoi ce WE ? Je vais acheter des meubles en trottinette

    By Julian Chamussy, Corporate Ambassador, Autonomy Le secteur de la distribution est particulièrement concerné par l’évolution des modes de transport. L’essor de la voiture individuelle a favorisé l’émergence de nouveaux concepts de points de vente : l’hypermarché et le centre commercial… plus récemment, le drive. Dans les grandes agglomérations, on assiste actuellement à une réduction drastique […]

  • The Collaborative Economy Creates New Opportunities for a More Efficient, Eco-Friendly Last-mile Delivery

    By Pierre-Emmanuel Jan, CEO, You2You The dramatic growth of e-commerce is straining traditional urban delivery services, which are seen as increasingly inefficient and pollutant. In 2017, 1.2 billion online transactions were made in France: that’s an average 3.2 million transactions per day, and over 450 million packages delivered over the course of the year! As […]