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    What is Smart Mobility?

    By Geotab Smart mobility refers to using modes of transportation alongside or even instead of owning a gas-powered vehicle. This can take on many different forms, including ride-sharing, car-sharing, public transportation, walking, biking, and more. The need for Smart mobility arose out of increasing traffic congestion and its related side effects, including pollution, fatalities, and […]

  • Plusieurs successeurs à Autolib’, comment les faire cohabiter? Une interview d’A. Weyland, DG d’Autonomy

    Le 04/07, PSA annonce le lancement de son service d’auto-partage dans la capitale. La Mairie de Paris et Renault tiennent une conférence de presse dans la matinée. A cette occasion, Aymeric Weyland, directeur général d’Autonomy, est interrogé en tant qu’expert de la mobilité urbaine par la chaîne d’info en continu BFM Paris.  Que penser de l’arrivée de […]

  • The Collaborative Economy Creates New Opportunities for a More Efficient, Eco-Friendly Last-mile Delivery

    By Pierre-Emmanuel Jan, CEO, You2You The dramatic growth of e-commerce is straining traditional urban delivery services, which are seen as increasingly inefficient and pollutant. In 2017, 1.2 billion online transactions were made in France: that’s an average 3.2 million transactions per day, and over 450 million packages delivered over the course of the year! As […]

  • 2018: quels défis pour les régions? Interview de Michel Neugnot, Président Transports et Mobilité de Régions de France

    Interview menée par Anne Gadel, Responsable des Affaires Publiques, Autonomy Régions de France est l’institution représentative des régions françaises auprès des pouvoirs publics français et européens, ainsi qu’auprès des acteurs de la vie économique et sociale Depuis 2002, les régions sont autorités organisatrices des transports, et ont récupéré depuis le 1er septembre 2017 des compétences […]

  • Mobility, data, and freedom: join us for an online debate!

    The mobility revolution is one of the most fascinating tales of the 21st century. It’s the story of how we shifted from a car-driven society into something else: it has to do with AI, sharing economy, renewable energies, and other fundamental urban concerns.

  • Flying cars over our heads

    Being a Paris-based company, it was easy for us at Autonomy to attend the International Paris Air Show in June. The novelty of this 52nd edition was the showcasing of 100 innovative start-ups, in association with the international incubator Starburst Accelerator. That is how we came face to face with flying cars. They’re not exactly […]

  • Electric Vehicles: The market, growth and selling to urbanites  

    Automakers are starting to bet big on electric. Christian Senger head of e-mobility at VW says they want to be the first car company to produce 1 million EVs. The head of R&D at Daimler, Thomas Weber, announced a €10 billion investment to produce around 10 EV models by 2025. Nissan’s new Leaf will launch later […]