• Introducing the 2019 Urban Mobility Summit and the Industry Talks

    By Stephanie Hagen, Head of Conferences and Digital Content at Autonomy As the Urban Mobility Summit heads into its fourth edition (16-17 October 2019)  we took time to reflect on lessons from the past three years. Our critical takeaway is that urban mobility is a combination of two crucial elements: 1. Big-picture ideas and overarching […]

  • How to Value a Startup

    by Neil Portus Neil Portus, CFA, CMA, is a freelance CFO & Advisor for growth companies at Tailored Partners and a former Vice President & Equity Analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York where he covered car rental and mobility stocks. He can be contacted at [email protected] You can download a free copy of his […]

  • What to expect and who you’ll meet at Autonomy 2018

    Interview with Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy   What trends are you seeing leading up to Autonomy 2018? Traditional carmakers are moving very quickly into the new mobility space. For instance, just this past past week we have seen Toyota invest half a billion dollars into Uber. Ford has created a smart mobility segment […]

  • Why Autonomy’s Urban Mobility Summit is More Important than Ever

    By Ross Douglas, Founder and CEO of Autonomy When I began Autonomy in 2015 I knew that I wanted to create an event that did more than just showcase the best sustainable urban mobility technologies. I wanted to explore the stories behind the innovations. To hear directly from the world’s mobility movers and disruptors about […]

  • ENGIE s’investit dans la transition énergétique des villes – Interview

    ENGIE, acteur mondial dans le secteur de l’énergie, et partenaire d’Autonomy, a pour ambition de devenir leader de la transition énergétique. Olivier Biancarelli, Directeur Solutions décentralisées pour les Villes et les Territoires, et Ovarith Troeung Directeur Mobilité Verte, nous parlent de cette transition si cruciale pour l’avenir des villes, et en particulier de sa dimension […]

  • La “secret sauce” des alliances au service de la mobilité – Interview

    Via ID, qui accompagne des startups innovantes dans le domaine des nouvelles mobilités intelligentes, durables et du quotidien, partage la vision d’Autonomy et a été l’un de nos premiers partenaires. Cette année, ils organisent, dans le cadre des conférences du Sommet de la mobilité urbaine, un meet-up sur le thème “Quelle est la Secret Sauce […]

  • 5 reasons why Paris is the center of new urban mobility

    Hold your breath and let me explain why. Will Paris lead the urban mobility revolution? Here are five major projects that will position Paris at the center of the urban mobility disruption.