• Towards Inclusive Mobility: Women and Transport in the Paris Region

    By Cosima Malandrino, Mobility Consultant and Luc Berman, Consultant at LGI The issue of inclusivity in mobility is pressing on two sides. On the service side, systems are largely designed following ‘standard’ commuting routes which often fail to address the diversity of people’s needs, generating discrimination by omission. On the labour market side, jobs in […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “La dynamique du MaaS en France”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of “La dynamique du MaaS en France” (in French) While Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has established itself as a growing reality in many cities across Europe, what is its current status in France? Due to a […]

  • Compte mobilité

    Mon Compte Mobilité: un nouveau contrat social pour changer nos pratiques

    Par Frédéric Nicolaïdis, Chef de projet – Mon Compte Mobilité, La Fabrique des Mobilités et Gabriel Plassat, Cofondateur de La Fabrique des Mobilités et Adémien Des alternatives de transports plus responsables commencent à se développer, notamment sous forme de services intégrés dans les MaaS (Mobility As A Service) publiques et privés, mais le report modal […]

  • A Mobility Center in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: Bringing Better Answers to Commuter Needs

    By Jean-Bastiste Hamonic, Vice President of Sustainable Transport and Mobility Diversified mobility needs in SQY The agglomeration of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) is located in the outer suburbs of Île-de-France (Paris Region), about 30 kilometers southwest of Paris. SQY has nearly 230,000 inhabitants and more than 145,000 jobs for 17,000 companies. As 60% of its area is […]

  • How to Win a Mobility Tender: Insights from the Paris Scooter Operators

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company Winning what some called the “world’s biggest e-scooter tender,” the electric scooter players Lime, Dott, and Tier were selected on July 23, 2020 as the three operators authorized to remain in the city of Paris for the next two years. In […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “The French Mobility Orientation Law: Business Opportunities for a Sustainable Future”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of The French Mobility Orientation Law: Business Opportunities for a Sustainable Future After two years of deliberation and negotiation, in December 2019, France passed one of the most comprehensive reforms on mobility that any country has seen […]

  • A Roundtable Discussion of the French Mobility Orientation Law

    In addition to our release of a new white paper on the recently adopted French Mobility Orientation Law (or ‘LOM’ in french), the Urban Mobility Daily sat down with some of the top actors in the french mobility space to discuss how the law will affect business and the future of mobility in France. Joining […]

  • Innovation in Mobility: the challenge in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, a peri-urban area in the Paris region

    By Véronique Coté-Millard, 3rd Vice President, in charge of transport and mobility Twenty kilometers from the center of Paris, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) is the second largest economic hub in the Paris region after la Défense. The territory hosts major companies in sectors such as automotive, finance, aeronautics, and cyber security. In total, there are currently 145,000 […]

  • Ask the Experts: Anne-Marie Idrac, High Representative to the French Government for AV Development

    Ask the Experts is Autonomy’s video series which seeks to understand the newest trends in urban mobility by going straight to the source: the innovators who are making them happen! In this edition, we check in with Anne-Marie Idrac, High Representative to the French Government for the Development of Autonomous Vehicles, who discusses France’s ambitious […]

  • La LOM: de nouveaux outils pour développer la mobilité alternative à la voiture individuelle en ville et dans les territoires

    By Anne Gadel, Responsable affaires publiques, Autonomy Le projet de loi d’orientation des mobilités met en lumière le fait que 80% du territoire n’était pas couvert par une autorité pleinement chargée d’organiser la mobilité, entraînant une relative pauvreté de l’offre de mobilité proposée au quotidien. Discuté au Parlement en 2019, ce texte entend donner un […]

  • Discours de Elisabeth Borne, ministre des Transports à Autonomy 2018

    Autonomy’s key takeaways The French Minister for Transports Elisabeth Borne salutes Autonomy in its ongoing mission to gather together mobility innovators, big corporations and startups. Autonomy « perfectly translates the ambition » she has set to provide innovative solutions to citizens. The future French orientation law on mobility will focus on 3 main objectives: Facilitating experiments through […]

  • Greater Paris, the ideal ecosystem to roll out new mobility solutions: An interview with Christian Nibourel

    Interview Conducted by Anne Gadel, Head of Public Affairs, Autonomy Paris is an economic capital, as the name of your institution suggests: what other terms would you choose to describe the French capital? Greater Paris is a global city, where ideas, trends, goods, talents, capitals and companies converge, where the future city is being created. […]