• Ticket To Ride… A Scooter

    By Alexandre Gauquelin, Founder of Shared Micromobility and Julien Chamussy, Co-founder & Vice President of Marketing at fluctuo By the end of the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe, shared e-scooter companies were shifting their focus to one of the largest untapped markets of the continent: the United Kingdom. Becoming aware of the potential of these new services (especially given the reluctance […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “The Future of MaaS: Private Means to Public Ends?”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of “The Future of MaaS: Private Means to Public Ends?” Chances are that if you work in mobility, you’ve had a discussion or two (or twenty) on the industry’s race to achieving an all-encompassing Mobility as a Service – or […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “The French Mobility Orientation Law: Business Opportunities for a Sustainable Future”

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of The French Mobility Orientation Law: Business Opportunities for a Sustainable Future After two years of deliberation and negotiation, in December 2019, France passed one of the most comprehensive reforms on mobility that any country has seen […]

  • Restoring Public Transport after COVID-19: Bike-Transit Systems to the Rescue!

    By Peter Biczok, Transport and City Planner, Remix The Dutch bike-transit system should be our guide to not only encourage public transport use, but to also make it more efficient and attractive by offering higher frequency service with even better coverage. How is that possible? As we seem to be reaching the light at the […]

  • Micromobility and Data Standards – The Implications within Europe

    By Giles Baily, Head of Policy & Partnerships, Vianova The Mobility Data Specification (MDS) protocol was created based on the need for cities, and operators, to have a basis for communicating and managing the potential growth of shared smaller vehicles in their cities. Initially much of the conversation was about the potential of autonomous vehicles, […]

  • COVID-19 and Shared Mobility: A New Normal

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technologies Mobility. It is the glue that binds cities, societies, and civilizations together. What was just two months ago a necessity in conducting our daily routines has been (at least temporarily) disrupted to such an extent that 80–90% of intercity passenger demand for travel is expected to be eliminated […]

  • How will the Covid-19 Crisis impact the Electrification of Mobility?

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting The spread of coronavirus has caused massive havoc around the world, most importantly concerning the health and well-being of the population. We will collectively come out of this crisis at some point. However, many aspects of our lives and economies will look very different post-crisis than they […]

  • Zero Pollution Vision: Europe’s Main Goal

    By Clara Anderson, Digital Communication Strategist, Meep Transition to electric buses. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Greater passenger comfort. Or even reducing noise in urban areas.  These are only some of Europe’s goals when establishing objectives concerning the major shift that urban mobility is currently experiencing.  In 2014, China set the lead for a transformation […]

  • CORE MaaS: A Social Distancing Mobility Platform

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has quickly demonstrated itself as a global challenge, affecting all aspects of our daily lives. One of the areas that is most profound related to this pandemic is the aspect of urban mobility. The restrictions now coming into effect on an hourly basis […]

  • Moving and Shaking From Our Living Rooms

    By Stephanie Hagen, Director, Urban Mobility Company A Brave New World  This morning I, like millions of people across France, woke up, walked to my living room, turned on my laptop and got to work. There would be no rushing to catch the metro or bus, or unlocking a shared bike or scooter. There would […]

  • The Business of Mobility: Car Rental’s Electric Mobility Future

    By Aidan McClean, CEO of UFODRIVE The Business of Mobility is a new Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some the most successful new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other c-level executives elaborate on what it takes to turn a great […]

  • The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Mobike in Europe

    By Alexandre Gauquelin, Founder, Shared Micromobility and Julien Chamussy, Co-Founder & Vice President of Marketing, fluctuo Mobike and ofo, the Chinese dockless bike-sharing pioneers, became a global phenomenon in 2017 when tens of thousands of red & yellow bikes were deployed in the streets of Western cities. This first major international expansion of Chinese Mobility […]