• Zero Pollution Vision: Europe’s Main Goal

    By Clara Anderson, Digital Communication Strategist, Meep Transition to electric buses. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Greater passenger comfort. Or even reducing noise in urban areas.  These are only some of Europe’s goals when establishing objectives concerning the major shift that urban mobility is currently experiencing.  In 2014, China set the lead for a transformation […]

  • The Future of Trucking

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Back in December 2017, I published an article entitled “Commercial Vehicles go Electric, Autonomous, Connected and Shared.” Things have progressed over the last 2+ years, which justifies a new article on this topic. What is the current state of play?​​ Electrification The pace of electric vehicle […]

  • The Business of Mobility: Car Rental’s Electric Mobility Future

    By Aidan McClean, CEO of UFODRIVE The Business of Mobility is a new Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some the most successful new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other c-level executives elaborate on what it takes to turn a great […]

  • Electric Skateboards – A Faster Way to Bring EVs to Market

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting The industry is scrambling to bring electric vehicles (EV) to market quickly to meet tightening CO2 emission and CAFE standards, or OEMs will pay hefty financial penalties. However, this should be done with the smallest investment possible given the remaining uncertainty as to the life volumes and ramp-up […]

  • Mobility Trends at CES 2020

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting CES 2020 hosted 170,000 attendees who came to visit 4,000 exhibits, 1200 of which were presented by startups. This article highlights the key trends and messages on mobility and related technologies I observed during 3 days on site — here you can find my analyses on the previous three […]

  • The Profound Disruption of Last Mile Delivery

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Editor’s note: When this article was orginally published in December 2019, the majority of the world was completely unaware of the COVID-19 pandemic to come. A mere four months later and we are living in very different times, with physical stores shuttered and people quarantined in cities […]

  • China’s Quest to Win the EV/AV Race in a Warming World

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy I was recently invited by China EV100 to participate in the Global Future Mobility Forum in Deqing, outside of Hangzhou. The city is famous for Alibaba being headquartered there. The Chinese government plans to make it even more famous by making it the centre of their EV and […]

  • Tesla Leads in Energy Efficiency by 10 to 30%

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Tesla’s early start, its focus on EVs and its vertical integration has given the Silicon Valley-based OEM a significant advance in terms of the overall energy efficiency of its vehicles. This becomes obvious as we compare Model S, X or 3 with the battery EVs (BEVs) […]

  • 10 questions to plan the electric vehicle charger deployment for your fleet

    By Feedback Entreprise Deploying numerous chargers requires an industrial scale organisation, optimised processes and a uniform quality. Two approaches are possible to shift a fleet to electric vehicles: proceed in small steps or, switch the majority of your vehicles to electric in one batch In the first approach, a decentralised management method is possible, with […]

  • Electric Vehicle Adoption Barriers: From Range Anxiety to Experience Anxiety

    By Yael Rivkind, Head of Partnerships for Otonomo What stops consumers from buying battery-powered EVs? Price, range and access to efficient charging stations, in that order. That’s according to McKinsey’s 2016 Electric Vehicle (EV) consumer survey of potential buyers in China, Germany, and the United States. But since then technology has moved faster than expected, reducing prices […]

  • New Products Accelerate EV Growth

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Plug-in EV sales continued to grow at a significant pace in the first semester of 2019 (+46% y.o.y.) whereas the overall light vehicle market dropped in key regions. There is no doubt the accelerated introduction of new or upgraded plug-in models will further fuel this growth, […]

  • Making the Future of Urban Autonomous Vehicles Safe with Far Infrared

    By Raz Peleg, Sales Director, AdaSky Experts are forecasting that autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) will gradually take over our roads, more specifically our urban roads. The day of an AV/EV driving independently to its charging station after being used as a Mobility service is not so far into the future. Urban stakeholders […]