• Ticket To Ride… A Scooter

    By Alexandre Gauquelin, Founder of Shared Micromobility and Julien Chamussy, Co-founder & Vice President of Marketing at fluctuo By the end of the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe, shared e-scooter companies were shifting their focus to one of the largest untapped markets of the continent: the United Kingdom. Becoming aware of the potential of these new services (especially given the reluctance […]

  • Zero Pollution Vision: Europe’s Main Goal

    By Clara Anderson, Digital Communication Strategist, Meep Transition to electric buses. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Greater passenger comfort. Or even reducing noise in urban areas.  These are only some of Europe’s goals when establishing objectives concerning the major shift that urban mobility is currently experiencing.  In 2014, China set the lead for a transformation […]

  • Shared Mobility Services: “Battle Royale” in Barcelona

    By Alexandre Gauquelin, Founder, Shared Micromobility and Julien Chamussy, Co-Founder & Vice President of Marketing, fluctuo The dense, touristic and sunny capital of Catalonia has huge potential for shared mobility. In 2007, the city launched Bicing, one of the most successful dock-based bike-sharing services in Europe. From 2016 onwards, as in most major European cities, multiple free-floating services […]

  • The Business of Mobility: Car Rental’s Electric Mobility Future

    By Aidan McClean, CEO of UFODRIVE The Business of Mobility is a new Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some of the most successful new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other c-level executives elaborate on what it takes to turn a […]

  • Electric Skateboards – A Faster Way to Bring EVs to Market

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting The industry is scrambling to bring electric vehicles (EV) to market quickly to meet tightening CO2 emission and CAFE standards, or OEMs will pay hefty financial penalties. However, this should be done with the smallest investment possible given the remaining uncertainty as to the life volumes and ramp-up […]

  • A New Micromobility Taxonomy Gives Names for Those Things on the Sidewalk

    By Annie YJ Chang, Chris Cherry, PhD., Leila Hawa of SAE International City dwellers, academics and policymakers contemplate whether micromobility is transforming everyday people into super-pedestrians. Collectively referred to as “micromobility,” this new travel mode promises to deliver cherry-picked benefits from conventional modes (aka walking and driving). Micromobility sits in a grey zone as it […]

  • Why Amazon Is Investing Massively in Mobility Tech

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director of Orsay Consulting Last year, Amazon spent $27B on shipping, i.e., sortation, delivery centers and transportation costs for an estimated 6 billion parcels delivered for $233B in sales. The e-commerce giant has been innovating in their fulfillment centers, maximizing automation in order to drive efficiency and throughput, as well […]

  • Electric Vehicle Adoption Barriers: From Range Anxiety to Experience Anxiety

    By Yael Rivkind, Head of Partnerships for Otonomo What stops consumers from buying battery-powered EVs? Price, range and access to efficient charging stations, in that order. That’s according to McKinsey’s 2016 Electric Vehicle (EV) consumer survey of potential buyers in China, Germany, and the United States. But since then technology has moved faster than expected, reducing prices […]

  • Greater Paris, the Future of Mobility in the Making

    A SeaBubbles river taxi © DR By Alexandre Missoffe, Managing director at Greater Paris Investment Agency Greater Paris is not all about heavy investment in metro infrastructures and tunnel boring machines. For sure, the future Grand Paris Express automated lines will become the backbone of tomorrow’s mobility in and beyond the city of Paris, re-shaping […]

  • Let’s Have a Post-Car Conversation

    The author’s children taking a ride in his cargo bike By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy I live and work in Paris, the most densely populated city in the western world. Apartments go for €10 000 per square meter, and monthly office rentals go for around €30 per square meter. Mastercard‘s 2019 Destination […]

  • Decarbonising Transport: What will It Take?

    By Ross Douglas, CEO & Founder of Autonomy Like many others, I sweated through Paris’s June heat wave and then flew to Italy for the summer holiday, adding my unfair share of carbon miles to an overtaxed environment. Transport is responsible for some 30% of the EU’s total CO2 emissions, of which 72% comes from […]

  • New Products Accelerate EV Growth

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Plug-in EV sales continued to grow at a significant pace in the first semester of 2019 (+46% y.o.y.) whereas the overall light vehicle market dropped in key regions. There is no doubt the accelerated introduction of new or upgraded plug-in models will further fuel this growth, […]