• Rides, Roads, Residences

    By Chima Rickards, PhD candidate, Associate, Hoag+Co. How mobility technologies are impacting the built environment and … why care? Parking prices, congestion charges, fuel stations – the costs and diversions one never had to face on their way to work in the age of horse and carriage. The switch from horse-riding to automobiles changed the […]

  • Meituan Dianping’s delivery drivers

    Chinese Tech Giants’ Quest for Environmental Sustainability

    By Greg Grigorian, Head of Partnerships, Pandaily As the teenage eco-activist Greta Thunberg scolded the UN over environmental protection in New York, on the opposite side of the globe, in Beijing, people were going about their lives as usual – riding bikes and electric scooters, receiving deliveries in biodegradable packaging and preparing to learn how to […]

  • Meituan Bike

    China’s Sharing Economy Matured When It Seemed to Be Wilting

    By Greg Grigorian, Head of Partnerships, Pandaily Agile and astute, Du, a freelance translator in his mid-twenties feels at home in Beijing’s narrow traditional alleys called hutong. He effortlessly circumvents hordes of gawking sightseers, dodges advances from pesky peddlers and disappears in a doorway of a pharmacy. “I need to return something,” he utters hastily. The gangly […]

  • The Future of Bike Share

    By Andy Boenau, AICP, Principal, Mobility-as-a-Service Lead, STANTEC It’s electric! Electric bikes (e-bikes) will transform urban and suburban transportation. With a little bit of pedaling, you get up to 20 mph. These mobility marvels come with a hefty price tag to purchase outright. But dockless electric bike share is rolling across the country at price […]