• Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit 2019 Aftermovie

    Whether you were unable to attend the world’s largest event dedicted to urban mobility or you simply want to relive the magic, grab some popcorn and click play on the 2019 Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit Aftermovie! Mark your calendars for next year’s edition, 4 – 5 November in Paris!

  • Innovation in Mobility: the challenge in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, a peri-urban area in the Paris region

    By Véronique Coté-Millard, 3rd Vice President, in charge of transport and mobility Twenty kilometers from the center of Paris, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) is the second largest economic hub in the Paris region after la Défense. The territory hosts major companies in sectors such as automotive, finance, aeronautics, and cyber security. In total, there are currently 145,000 […]

  • Greater Paris, the Future of Mobility in the Making

    A SeaBubbles river taxi © DR By Alexandre Missoffe, Managing director at Greater Paris Investment Agency Greater Paris is not all about heavy investment in metro infrastructures and tunnel boring machines. For sure, the future Grand Paris Express automated lines will become the backbone of tomorrow’s mobility in and beyond the city of Paris, re-shaping […]

  • Let’s Have a Post-Car Conversation

    The author’s children taking a ride in his cargo bike By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy I live and work in Paris, the most densely populated city in the western world. Apartments go for €10 000 per square meter, and monthly office rentals go for around €30 per square meter. Mastercard‘s 2019 Destination […]

  • Learning lessons From Vélib’ Métropole Difficulties

    By Alexander Gauquelin, Founder, Shared-Micromobility  After ten years of operation in Paris and its surrounding suburbs, Vélib Métropole replaced Vélib’ as the city’s new, self-service bike-share system on January 1st, 2018. The system and operator transition that comes with this new system, however, has been very complicated. The switch from JCDecaux to the new service […]

  • Fixed versus flexible investment in transport: the case of the Grand Paris Express

    By Peter Lakin, President, INSEAD Alumni Auto+Mobility France With an eye on the Olympic Games in 2024, France has launched a massive infrastructure investment, known as the Grand Paris Express. This ambitious project aims to double the size of the existing metro system by adding 200km of new track and 68 new stations. However unlike the existing […]

  • La législation sur les trottinettes électriques en France

    By the Weebot Team La trottinette électrique est un équipement de mobilité urbaine de plus en plus populaire en France. De nombreux utilisateurs adoptent ce moyen de transport pour se déplacer en raison de son aspect pratique, peu coûteux et écologique. De ce fait, les marques commercialisant des trottinettes électriques innovent de manière constante afin […]

  • Putting the Gilets Jaunes protests into context

    Getty Images By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy The Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) have just had their third week of protests in the streets of Paris, where I live and work. The movement initially started as a protest against a six cents per litre diesel tax but has since spiraled into a more general […]

  • Greater Paris, the ideal ecosystem to roll out new mobility solutions: An interview with Christian Nibourel

    Interview Conducted by Anne Gadel, Head of Public Affairs, Autonomy Paris is an economic capital, as the name of your institution suggests: what other terms would you choose to describe the French capital? Greater Paris is a global city, where ideas, trends, goods, talents, capitals and companies converge, where the future city is being created. […]

  • Where does Europe fit in the new mobility landscape?

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy I recently visited Venice as a guest of Homo Faber, ‘the first major cultural exhibition dedicated to European craftsmanship.’ The event, the brainchild of South African luxury-goods billionaire Johann Rupert, was themed, ‘crafting a more human future’ and celebrated the Renaissance ideal of man as maker. Rupert is […]

  • Why Paris is the City of Love for Foreign Mobility Businesses: an Interview with Lionel Grotto, CEO of Paris Region Entreprises

    Interview Conducted by Anne Gadel, Head of Public Affairs,  Autonomy In what ways does PRE promote the Capital Region’s attractivity ? Can you give us a recent concrete example of your international action? Paris Region Entreprises is publicly funded by the Paris Regional Council. It is a catalyzer of business and innovation which assists each […]

  • What to expect and who you’ll meet at Autonomy 2018

    Interview with Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy   What trends are you seeing leading up to Autonomy 2018? Traditional carmakers are moving very quickly into the new mobility space. For instance, just this past past week we have seen Toyota invest half a billion dollars into Uber. Ford has created a smart mobility segment […]