• Startup/Corporate Interfaces: How to Drive Collaboration in the Transportation Sector

    By Stefanie Wolter, Head of Startup Partnerships at dynamics – powered by MHP Startup- Corporate Collaboration — a tale as old as Harry Potter. But despite much progress having been made, and there being a myriad of collaboration vehicles to choose from, success (or survival, in the startup’s case) is still not guaranteed. So what can […]

  • Making the Future of Urban Autonomous Vehicles Safe with Far Infrared

    By Raz Peleg, Sales Director, AdaSky Experts are forecasting that autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) will gradually take over our roads, more specifically our urban roads. The day of an AV/EV driving independently to its charging station after being used as a Mobility service is not so far into the future. Urban stakeholders […]

  • How Startups Can Grow in the Automotive Industry

    By Karina Schultz, Head of Marketing, dynamics – powered by MHP Automotive Startups Grow with Increasing OEM Uncertainty – Here is How With electric cars, ridesharing, and self-driving technology, the automotive industry is on the verge of disruption. In the near future, people won’t need to own vehicles anymore – it’ll become a luxury. Just […]