• Urban Mobility’s Unique Chance to Help Fight Climate Change

    By Marc Amblard, Founder & Managing Director, Orsay Consulting The past few months have transformed our lives in so many ways as never before seen in our lifetimes. We will continue to be negatively impacted for months or possibly even years. But what if something good could come out of it? What if we used this […]

  • The COVID-19 Shared Mobility Action Plan

    By Augustin Friedel, Shared Mobility Expert & Stephanie Hagen, Director, Urban Mobility Company  With many countries in various levels of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it comes as little surprise that the Shared Mobility sector has been hit particularly hard. Not only are most people staying home, but those who do need to travel […]

  • MaaS Demystified: 3 Steps for Cities to Make MaaS Work

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company What is MaaS and how will cities move from talking about it to making it happen? The concept of MaaS is simple enough. An app with a map and a bunch of transport options replaces the car as the commuting weapon of […]

  • Like a Good Diet, MaaS is about Balance

    By Tim McGuckin, Executive Director, MaaS America In the last year, Mobility as a Service has moved beyond the esoteric and, while not mainstream, it is at a point where most of us in the transport community understand its key elements (journey planning, real-time passenger information, and mobile payments – all presented via a smartphone […]

  • European Shared Mobility Business Models

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services When we think of shared mobility, what comes to mind? Scooters, bikes, taxis, carshare, pogo sticks? While each of these options (minus one) offer countless opportunities for flexibility and freedom in navigating urban environments, there is another major factor at play. How can each of these offers […]

  • A Dott e-scooter and Jump e-bike

    Hyper Growth: Dispelling the Notion of Success in Micromobility

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technology Services Growth. What does it mean? To expand market share? To book as many rides? To acquire as many customers? To establish global hegemony? On top of that, how does growth translate to success? What are the Key Performance Indicators that define success, of which “growth” is […]

  • Let’s Have a Post-Car Conversation

    The author’s children taking a ride in his cargo bike By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy I live and work in Paris, the most densely populated city in the western world. Apartments go for €10 000 per square meter, and monthly office rentals go for around €30 per square meter. Mastercard‘s 2019 Destination […]

  • Automated Vehicles in Cities: Are Cities ‘Automation-ready’?

    By Thomas Mourey, Project Manager & Coordinator Clean Vehicles, POLIS Network While the industry claims that connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will be able to operate in cities in a near future, several questions arise, in terms of road safety, efficiency, and the use made of these new vehicles. Are cities already ‘automation-ready’? Will CAVs […]

  • All for One and One for All: Collaborations and The Race to Win Mobility

    By Karina Schultz, Head of Marketing, dynamics – powered by MHP It’s no secret that companies like Uber, Lyft, and Didi have been aggressively snatching up market share wherever and however they can. They’re all vying to become the single go-to app that gets you from point A to point B using whatever mode of […]

  • Why Autonomy Is Different This Year

    By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy After our 3rd edition of Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit (October 2018) we spent a month gathering feedback from sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and city partners. (Read the Report on Autonomy 2018) A clear theme emerged: Not much interest in end consumers, but massive interest in engaging with […]

  • Urban Mobility Beach Reads 2019 Edition

    By the Urban Mobility Daily Team Some of the Urban Mobility Daily’s Top Long Reads From 2019  Vacation season is in full swing and we hope you are all enjoying a little rest and relaxation.  For your beach read needs, the UMWeekly team has put together this special edition featuring a list of some of […]

  • How to Reduce Traffic Jams in Our Cities

    By the Mobup Editorial Team They are a source of stress in the motorists’ lives, but they are also a serious environmental problem: traffic jams are among the most important issues for cities in their urban planning strategies. In mitigating their magnitude, some initiatives have proven to be successful. The following examples could inspire other […]