• Microcars car sharing

    Micro(car)mobility: Can ‘Microcars’ Accelerate the Next Wave of Shared Mobility?

    By Venkatesh Gopal, Business Development and Partnerships Manager, Movmi Shared mobility as we all know has come a long way over the past decades. From conventional public transit buses to remote-controlled e-scooters, the space has forever been evolving to cover all aspects of transportation.Today the space is so dynamic in modes and business models, that almost […]

  • Money mobility

    9 Key Urban Mobility Trends in 2021: Show Me the Money!

    By Josep Laborda, CEO & Managing Partner, FACTUAL It’s the end of the world as we know It (and we at Factual feel fine!) Nothing is more fitting today than this old R.E.M. song of the eighties, arguably the official anthem of 2020, the year when the corona crisis turned our lives upside down, disrupted businesses […]

  • 2021 Mobility Predictions

    Three Mobility and Smart Cities Predictions for 2021

    By Scott Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Iomob Technologies 1. Micromobilty Market Consolidation in Europe Given the speed and timing of COVID, there has been a rapid transformation in the European micromobility market. According to recent news stories and press releases, many of the largest operators have been in active late stage fund raises to shore up […]

  • European Shared Micromobility in the Face of a Pandemic – White Paper

    An INVERS and fluctuo white paper 2018 was crowned the “year of the scooter” and 2019 saw micromobility usage continue to grow in cities across Europe setting 2020 up to be another strong year for free-floating e-scooter and moped ridership. Then, COVID-19 hit, completely altering the outlook. With the pandemic shuting down cities across Europe […]

  • Key Takeaways from the Virtual Workshop “How Europe is Moving MaaS – And Vice Versa”

    By Stephanie Hagen, Director, Urban Mobility Company Click here to watch a recording of “How Europe is Moving MaaS – And Vice Versa” held in partnership with Hogan Lovells. While Mobility as a Service is not a uniquely European concept, you’d be hard pressed to find another region where the MaaS industry is maturing at […]

  • The Business of Mobility: How we are improving micromobility with swappable batteries

    By Tony Günther, Head of eCommerce, Okai Berlin Office The Business of Mobility is a new Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some of the most successful new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other c-level executives elaborate on what it takes […]

  • A Mobility Center in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: Bringing Better Answers to Commuter Needs

    By Jean-Bastiste Hamonic, Vice President of Sustainable Transport and Mobility Diversified mobility needs in SQY The agglomeration of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) is located in the outer suburbs of Île-de-France (Paris Region), about 30 kilometers southwest of Paris. SQY has nearly 230,000 inhabitants and more than 145,000 jobs for 17,000 companies. As 60% of its area is […]

  • How to Win a Mobility Tender: Insights from the Paris Scooter Operators

    By Rebecca Sands, Content & Project Manager at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Company Winning what some called the “world’s biggest e-scooter tender,” the electric scooter players Lime, Dott, and Tier were selected on July 23, 2020 as the three operators authorized to remain in the city of Paris for the next two years. In […]

  • Ticket To Ride… A Scooter

    By Alexandre Gauquelin, Founder of Shared Micromobility and Julien Chamussy, Co-founder & Vice President of Marketing at fluctuo By the end of the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe, shared e-scooter companies were shifting their focus to one of the largest untapped markets of the continent: the United Kingdom. Becoming aware of the potential of these new services (especially given the reluctance […]

  • Gen Z and the Dawn of Mobility Culture

    By Sandra Witzel, Head of Marketing at SkedGo From the environmental impact of fossil fuel vehicles to heavily congested roads, our relationship with transport has to be re-examined. A carrot and stick approach is often used to encourage change – but there are other notable drivers. Enter Generation Z (Gen Z). Born between the mid-1990s […]

  • A new lane for micromobility

    It’s Time to Prioritize the Third Lane

    By Travis VanderZanden, Founder & CEO, Bird Close your eyes and imagine a typical city street. What do you see? For most of us it’s a variation of a familiar scene: two lanes of automobile traffic most likely flanked by a row of densely parked cars on either side. Confined to the periphery, narrow sidewalks […]

  • The Business of Mobility: Powering the Micromobility “Clean Up” in Cities

    By Cagri Selcuklu, Co-founder, Duckt The Business of Mobility is a new Urban Mobility Company series highlighting some of the fastest-growing, new businesses in the mobility sector. Featuring a closer look at the way in which companies stand out, CEOs, Directors and other C-level executives elaborate on what it takes to turn a brilliant idea […]