• The Latest Edition of the Autonomous Vehicles Landscape 2020

    With over 430 companies across 15 domains, this 7th version of the autonomous vehicles landscape by Marc Amblard, Managing Director of Orsay Consulting and Topio Networks gives the best snapshot yet of the most important players in the sector. Automation, urban & last mile logistics and smart infrastructure are just a few of the themes […]

  • The Autonomous Vehicles Landscape 2020

    18/08/2020: An updated version of the AV Landscape can be found here This mapping of over over 400 companies covering 15 different domains of the AV space was realised by Marc Amblard, Managing Director of Orsay Consulting and the ReadWrite Labs team. To read an in-depth overview by Marc Amblard of the 2019 vesion of the the Autonomous Vehicles […]

  • Mobility Startups Are Willing to Embrace MaaS Platforms Opportunity!

    An infographic by Capgemini & Autonomy

  • An Overview Table of the Shared Electric Scooter (e-Trott) Ecosystem

    By The Urban Mobility Daily While preparing last week’s popular article, The FINAL Word on Free-floating Electric Scooters (For Now) we came to realize that there lacks an overview of all the various shared e-trott (what we call electric kick-scooters) actors. Further complicating the matter is the fact that new shared e-trott schemes are entering the market […]

  • Funding the Movement: Meet the Mobility Startups

    For its third edition, Autonomy is proud to bring back its startup program Funding the Movement, in which mobility innovators from all over the world will gather to pitch in front of international investors looking to fund ambitious projects. It will take place during the opening day of Autonomy, on the 18th of October, at the […]

  • Mobility Funders and Founders Need to Get Together

    The European startup ecosystem has been thriving in recent years with mobility being one of the fastest-growing sectors, attracting innovators who are seeking to make a positive social and environmental impact. Unfortunately, a lack of investment makes it hard for mobility startups to scale up as they must continually raise funds to simply stay in […]

  • Diesel vehicles, chronicle of a death foretold

    Long since presented as the most efficient means of powering cars and other vehicles, diesel is now under heavy scrutiny in particular due to its negative impacts on public health. Diesel engines produce a dangerous amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fine particles, which can no longer be ignored in the context of the fight against pollution. […]