Introducing the 2019 Urban Mobility Summit and the Industry Talks

By Stephanie Hagen, Head of Conferences and Digital Content at Autonomy

As the Urban Mobility Summit heads into its fourth edition (16-17 October 2019)  we took time to reflect on lessons from the past three years. Our critical takeaway is that urban mobility is a combination of two crucial elements: 1. Big-picture ideas and overarching trends and 2. The day-to-day details and solutions we see on our city streets.  Thus we’ve created two separate talk programs which explore each of  these distinct but interlocking components of urban mobility. The Urban Mobility Summit will present big-picture visions of mobility and discuss the megatrends; while the Industry Talks will show off the concrete solutions to realise these visions.

The Urban Mobility Summit 2019: big-picture ideas in an intimate setting

The first talks program, The Urban Mobility Summit, explores the big-picture mobility ideas that will reduce carbon emissions, pollution and congestion. Subjects such as AI, Climate Change, MaaS and the disruption of business and economic models will be examined through a series of keynotes, fireside chats and roundtables. The list of speakers will include C-level executives, famous mobility experts and high-level policymakers, people who will provoke audiences to think about mobility-related challenges in new and exciting ways.

Taking place in one venue, the Main Stage, the Summit will be limited to only 300 tickets encouraging a unique intimacy that is not present in any other large-scale mobility event. Exclusive breakfasts, lunches and cocktails will further encourage the conversation off-stage. The Urban Mobility Summit presents thought-leadership at its finest. 

The Call for Speakers for The Urban Mobility Summit is now open through Monday, March 18th. Click here to apply!

The Industry Talks: meet your business community

The second conference program, The Industry Talks, is about sharing the actual solutions being implemented in our cities. Featuring seven unique industry themes, The Industry Talks is where innovators can show off their products and services and build business relationships. These industry themes will be explored during half-day conferences, giving attendees the chance to network and share ideas. The seven industry themes include Active Mobility, Data & Connectivity, Electrification Charging & EVs, Shared Mobility, Fleet Management and Last-mile Logistics. The Industry Talks, which take place on different stages on the expo floor, will be open to all Autonomy attendees.

To apply to participate in the Industry Talks, see here! 

Everything you need to know about the Urban Mobility Summit and the Industry Talks 

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