• The Collaborative Economy Creates New Opportunities for a More Efficient, Eco-Friendly Last-mile Delivery

    By Pierre-Emmanuel Jan, CEO, You2You The dramatic growth of e-commerce is straining traditional urban delivery services, which are seen as increasingly inefficient and pollutant. In 2017, 1.2 billion online transactions were made in France: that’s an average 3.2 million transactions per day, and over 450 million packages delivered over the course of the year! As […]

  • Serge Amabilé – Managing Director of International Business, Blue Solutions

    Blue Solutions, a subsidiary Bolloré Group, is developing batteries for 100% electric vehicles, from busses to car sharing systems for companies around the world. Blue Solutions is looking to promote “carbon-free” cities by encouraging a future of shared mobility, electric vehicles and multimodal systems. (FR) Blue Solutions est une société qui regroupe les activités de stockage […]

  • The Hard Thing About Mobility Services

    The technology of the future is useless without a robust network of humans to make it work. By Sean Behr, Co-Founder & President of STRATIM The challenges with new mobility options The last several years have seen a proliferation of new mobility services. Both established transportation titans and new tech startups are inventing new ways […]

  • 2018: quels défis pour les régions? Interview de Michel Neugnot, Président Transports et Mobilité de Régions de France

    Interview menée par Anne Gadel, Responsable des Affaires Publiques, Autonomy Régions de France est l’institution représentative des régions françaises auprès des pouvoirs publics français et européens, ainsi qu’auprès des acteurs de la vie économique et sociale Depuis 2002, les régions sont autorités organisatrices des transports, et ont récupéré depuis le 1er septembre 2017 des compétences […]

  • These Five Basic Steps Can Prepare the World For the Self-Driving Car

    By Joshua Brydges, Transport Planner at GoGet Carshare The autonomous future is coming at us at full speed and it poses a potential threat to daily life in our cities and suburbs not seen since the invention of the automobile. In the much-discussed talk of our idealised, autonomous future, all city residents will have equal […]

  • How EcoMobility is taking back the streets: an interview with Monika Zimmermann, DSG of ICLEI

    (c) GIS 2017 Interview conducted by Anne Gadel, Head of Public Affairs at Autonomy    ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of more than 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future.   ICLEI’s EcoMobility Alliance seeks to use cities’ existing resources to curb pollution and congestion. […]

  • Mobility Funders and Founders Need to Get Together

    The European startup ecosystem has been thriving in recent years with mobility being one of the fastest-growing sectors, attracting innovators who are seeking to make a positive social and environmental impact. Unfortunately, a lack of investment makes it hard for mobility startups to scale up as they must continually raise funds to simply stay in […]

  • Can Microtransit Improve Social Mobility?

    By Doug Kaufman, CEO of TransLoc Imagine the following scenario: You can’t afford a car, so you spend five hours a day taking three buses just to get to your job six days a week. For Tampa resident Sabrena Lloyd, this scenario isn’t imaginary, it’s an unfortunate reality. Her lack of access to good transit […]

  • Christophe Chevreton – Director, Renault Mobility

    Renault MOBILTY, is Renault’s new car sharing service and is targeting not just the residents of large French cities, but also those who live in rural communities or suburbs.  According to Renault MOBILITY’s director, the future of mobility will depend on multimodal solutions which are effective everywhere, not just the center of Paris or any […]

  • Air Taxis are Coming and They are Coming Soon: an Interview with Remo Gerber, CCO of Lilium

    Interview conducted by Stephanie Hagen, Head of Conferences and Digital Content at Autonomy For many, the concept of a flying taxi seems way off into the future. How soon do you think we’ll start seeing VTOL jets in European cities’ skies? It’s not way off into the future. That’s what’s so exciting about this industry […]

  • Europe’s got talent, now it’s time to fund the startup movement

    -By Ross Douglas, Founder of Autonomy There has been a lot of activity in the mobility startup space recently. The EU startup prize for mobility, initiated by Karima Delli (President of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament), attracted 500 startups last month and Paris-based Cityscoot secured a 40 million Euro investment from […]

  • Delivering a greener city: a virtual tour of Paris’ latest new mobility event

    The Mairie de Paris’ on-going vision of positioning Paris as a leader in sustainable mobility was on full-display during the city hall’s April 9th event La Rencontre professionnelle des mobilités propres. The Mairie de Paris utilized Autonomy’s knowledge and expertise to help organize the event which showcased sustainable solutions designed to allow for local businesses, artisans and […]